We believe that everyone has a part to play.

We are working together in partnership to achieve the vision for the Move More, Eat Well Plan. We believe that everyone has a part to play.

The Plan has been developed by the Vale of Glamorgan Public Services Board (PSB), Cardiff Public Services Board (PSB) and the Regional Partnership Board (RPB) (Cardiff and the Vale). The Plan will contribute to the delivery of a number of priorities agreed by all three partnership boards as detailed in the Area Plan and both the Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Well-being Plans.

The Plan provides a regional response to how we can encourage people to be more active and to have a healthier diet. Across the three partnerships, there are a number of priorities that the Plan will contribute to including, giving children a better start in life, recognising the contribution the environment makes to our physical and mental well-being and tackling inequalities.

In delivering the priorities in the Plan we will contribute to all of the national Well-being Goals as detailed in the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

Preventative action is a significant element of the work undertaken by the RPB and the two PSBs and the Plan will be a key element of that activity and provides a real opportunity for a more collaborative and integrated approach across the region.

The priorities detailed in the Plan are relevant to people of all ages. This Plan highlights the role that different partner organisations can play to make it easier for people to move more and eat well. By working in partnership we can encourage people to make healthy travel choices – to walk and cycle more, we can encourage people and organisations to buy food from local producers and we can support people to become a healthy weight.

Our local work is also aligning to the National Whole Systems Approach to Healthy Weight in Wales as part of Welsh Government’s Healthy Wales Healthy Weight Strategy.

Our Partners

Cardiff, and the Vale of Glamorgan Public Services Boards together with the Regional Partnership Board have developed the Plan together, and pledged to work collaboratively to achieve the vision.

Building on the work of many partners that have and continue to work across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, together with local communities, action is being driven forward.

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Cardiff Healthy and Sustainable
Pre-school Scheme (CHaSPS)

Food Cardiff

Food Vale

Golden Pass

Hapi Project

Healthy Schools Cardiff Network

Healthy Schools Vale Network

Move More Programme
(Sport Cardiff/Cardiff Met Sport)

Refill Wales

Vale of Glamorgan Healthy and Sustainable Pre-school Scheme

Vale Healthy Living Team