Communities across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan can work together to identify what works and how to deliver lots of different activities. Together, we can make small changes which will help to transform our communities so that being healthy and active is the easy choice to make.

We will support communities to be healthier by:

  1. Support communities with highest need to take more physical activity and to eat well
  2. Launch Food for Life Get Togethers
  3. Roll out Food-related benefits training
  4. Increase physical activity in older people in communities with highest need

Support communities with highest need to take more physical activity and to eat well

Food has a huge impact on our lives on our own health and wellbeing, and on our communities and businesses and the environment. Both Food partnerships promote good, healthy and affordable food, that is sustainably sourced.

We work hard with our partners to deliver support and advice for individuals, businesses and larger organisations to ensure that there is a good meal for everyone everyday.

At no time has this approach been more important than during Covid and we are working hard to ensure that food continues to support and bring communities together.

Visit our websites for more advice, information and lots of hints and tips for eating well !

Food sense Wales is built on the foundations of Food Cardiff, a multi award winning food partnership and founding member of the Sustainable Food Cities Network.

We deliver pioneering programmes such as Sustainable Food Cities, Peas Please, Food Power – Bringing people together through food. Taking the approach of “advocacy by example” we focus on finding workable solutions through on the ground experience and citizen voice, and use these to effectively advocate for the changes needed to local and national policy.

Specifically we want to:

  • Highlight and facilitate the links needed across policy silos and sectors to create a coherent food system for Wales.
  • Make wellbeing (people, planet and animals) the key success indicator for Government policy on food.
  • Create a movement of citizens, advocating for a food system that supports a healthy planet and healthy people
  • Optimizing opportunities for Wales to be involved in UK and International food networks.


Search Dewis Cymru website database for classes and activities in your area.

What can you do to support the launch Food for Life Get Togethers?

Rooted in partnerships with groups of schools, nurseries and community organisations, Get Togethers is for people of all ages and backgrounds. We will be working with local partners to deliver events including Big Lunches, national Roast Dinner Day and Grandparents Gardening Week. For more information , please go to :

What can you do to support roll out Food-related benefits training?

With over 160,000 children not able to afford the Eatwell Guide and 26% of those eligible for Healthy Start vouchers not accessing the scheme, there was a need to ensure more families received the information and support needed to access food related benefits. These include Healthy Start Vouchers, Free School Meals and other schemes that could mean some families are missing out on as much as £1,600 a year.

Cardiff and Vale Public Health Team, Cardiff and Vale UHB Dietetics and Cardiff Money Advice Service worked in partnership to develop a training package to highlight the benefits of accessing healthier food and the schemes that families may be eligible for.

If you work with families and are interested in training, please contact

What can you do to increase physical activity in older people in communities with highest need?

Due to coronavirus we are all spending more time within our home, so it is important that we find ways to build activity into our day, every day.

There are lots of groups, classes, support, information and services available to help older people keep active. Try to provide information in a range of formats.

Stay Well Whilst Staying Home- A Wellbeing Guide for Older Adults Search Dewis Cymru website database for classes and activities in their area

Directory of Services for Older People in the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff

The UK Government recommends being active for at least 150 minutes moderate intensity activity per week or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity (or a combination of both). We should build strength 2 days per week, minimise sedentary time, and older adults should improve balance on 2 days a week. Visit the website for the useful infographic.

Being active as an adult and older adult can help keep you healthy, improve sleep, maintain a healthy weight, make you feel good, and keep you steady on your feet, and much more. Why not show them this video of Dilys explaining the importance and benefits of being active.

Due to COVID-19, many people are spending more time at home than they may normally do. This can particularly affect older people who could start to become at risk of having a fall. Many of the activities which may help people to reduce their risk through exercise are not currently available in the community, but there are still many things that people can do in their own home to reduce risks. This page includes some useful links and information Visit the Falls Prevention page for more information:

If you have identified a need and want to develop a project or programme for older people in a community in the Vale of Glamorgan, or if you want to find out what training opportunities or phyiscal activities are currently available from the Vale Healthy Living Team, please get in touch.

Angela Stevens:

What can you do to support communities with highest need to take more physical activity and to eat well?

Search Dewis Cymru website database for classes and activities in your area

Move More Eat Well Pledge

Make a pledge and tell us what you are planning to do to Move More and Eat Well in 2020.