Cardiff Pedal Power is getting the city cycling
Move More Eat Well partner action is continuing to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of communities and how they travel, and this is evident through the work of Cardiff Pedal Power as they enable healthier forms of travel for the population of Cardiff.

Cardiff Pedal Power is a charity organisation based in the heart of Cardiff that encourages and enables individuals of all ages and abilities to start or continue to cycle with the use of their facilities. The charity also places great importance on supporting people with disabilities to exercise using their cycling equipment, with a range of adaptive bikes and sessions with volunteers to help build confidence to exercise and cycle. Pedal Power also enables disabled cyclists’ carers to cycle too through offering free bike hire.

Cardiff Pedal Power, covering Cardiff, the Bay and the whole Taff Trail, provide communities with an opportunity to start moving more and travelling in a healthy and sustainable way by enabling people to hire and buy a range of cycling vehicles.

They offer a large range of bikes from standard bikes, adaptive bikes and trikes and e cycles for hire to help encourage novice cyclists to build confidence and experience without the financial commitment when introducing themselves to cycling. E cycles can help all cyclists to go further and steeper, further opening up cycling opportunities for everyone. (without the financial commitment when introducing themselves to cycling to electronic bikes enabling more novice cyclists to have a simpler cycling experience.

Additionally, people can utilise the numerous trikes they have available to introduce themselves to cycling.) The charity also enables families or groups to hire or buy tandem and cargo bikes, making cycling a collaborative experience and helping encourage communities to be more physically active.

Cardiff Pedal Power aims to help people to exercise within communities and improve their wellbeing in many ways as there are also cycling groups run by the charity where cyclists of all abilities can get out, cycle and meet people (in an activity).

It is not only buying and hiring that is dealt with by Cardiff Pedal Power, they also have mechanics on hand to deal with any issue’s cyclists may have with their bikes, and the capacity to receive donation bikes that the charity can refurbish and redistribute.

“At Cardiff Pedal Power, our goal is to enable people of all abilities to exercise within communities and improve their wellbeing. We have done this by starting cycling groups run by the charity where cyclists of varying levels of experience and confidence can get out, move more, cycle and meet people doing something they enjoy. With actions like this, we are hopefully creating an environment where everyone can achieve their wellbeing goals and aspirations.” Sian Donovan, Director at Cardiff Pedal Power.

Cardiff Pedal Power’s efforts to get people moving more and engaged within cycling has earnt the charity a Life Award for Health and Wellbeing, a Carers’ Trust Silver Award and Cycling UK’s Cyclist Café of the Year during the Pandemic.

To find out more about Cardiff Pedal Power and what they offer, please visit their website by clicking here.