Let’s Read and Cook Virtual training for setting staff

The aim of this project was to equip all Cardiff Healthy and Sustainable Preschool Scheme (CHaSPS) settings with a range of new cooking resources and recipes. These recipes link to a range of story books which support setting staff to carry out healthy cooking activities with the children in their settings.

All CHaSPS settings were invited along to attend a virtual Let’s Read and Cook training. The training was delivered by Richard Shaw from Cooking Together.

Richard demonstrated 4 different healthy recipes including cheese and broccoli muffins, potato wedges, broccoli and bean salad and rhubarb and ginger crumble bites. During the demonstrations, Richard explained about alternative options to use in the recipes which makes cooking activities more cost effective for settings to do.

Richard also introduced settings to the Let’s Read and Cook resources which settings can access using a website link for all CHaSPS settings. These resources include the recipes linked to the individual books, session plans and cook along videos. Richard provided staff with useful tips and information on using halogen ovens which CHaSPS have provided settings with and explained how the recipes demonstrated during the training can be cooked using their halogen oven.

Overall, the response from post evaluations were positive with most of the settings rating the training session very good with 1 setting rating the session good, and all settings would recommend the training to others. The evaluation forms show that the majority of the settings want to make the Broccoli and Cheese muffins first with the children at their setting.

All settings found the training to be useful and when asked what the most useful part of the training was, one response given was ‘tips on holding he knives and linking healthy recipes to well-known stories.’

‘Continue inspiring us with healthy recipes and tips’ was a response given when asked if there is anything else we could do to support settings to cook healthy recipes with the children.

A 3 month follow up survey was sent to all the settings who attended the Let’s Read and Cook training to capture how the training has impacted each setting. 5 out of the 14 settings who attended the training completed this survey.

Of the 5 settings who responded it shows that all the settings have undertaken cooking activities with the children following the training. The frequency of cooking activities with the children in the settings has varied since the training. It was noted one particular setting having already undertaken 10 cooking activities since the training.