Inspiring Little Cooks in Primary and Pre-School Settings

Children spend a large amount of their early years in educational settings, providing a key opportunity to help children develop healthy food habits and be more active.

The Move More Eat Well partnership plan has been developed, focusing on 10 priority areas, one of which is educational settings, and part of this is inspiring and supporting children and teachers to move more and eat well.

Offering members of staff across primary and pre-school settings the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and confidence on a range of healthy cooking choices and food related activities, Cooking Together Wales and the Cardiff Healthy Schools and Pre-schools team devised a virtual training programme, ‘Little Cooks’, adapted from the full-day course developed with the Cardiff Flying Start Dietitians.

Little Cooks aimed to showcase the importance of healthy cooking and how this can fit into the day-to-day curriculum in the learning environment. The sessions discussed ideas for cooking activities whilst adhering to COVID-19 restrictions, creating healthier lunchboxes and how to deliver food activities safely and hygienically.

Little Cooks also showcased a range of online resources and recipes to promote healthy eating and lifestyles that the participants could share with pupils and their parents or carers.

The virtual session, which lasted 90 minutes, covered all aspects of the course and offered a wealth of information for members of staff to be able to use going forward.

Over the course of three sessions, that took place in March 2021, 50 staff members attended from 23 different settings and were enthused by what they had learned.

One participant commented, “I thoroughly enjoyed the training, lots of ideas and resources to look into!”

Instilling confidence within members of staff can help to inspire teaching teams to carry out practical cooking activities with students in educational settings. Sharing recipe ideas and demonstrating how these activities can fit in with the curriculum, can help to ensure healthier eating options are taught in school and settings, helping to encourage healthy lifestyles at home.

To find out more about how to implement Move More Eat Well into your educational settings, please visit our priority areas webpage by clicking here.

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