Created by Sport Cardiff and in partnership with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, the Move More programme aims to increase physical activity levels for those less active across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. The programme aims to increase awareness of resources and opportunities to improve knowledge, confidence and competence of being physically active through a coordinated approach with partners.

Move More works with NERS (National Exercise Referral Service) team, social prescribing organisations and physical activity providers to ensure a coordinated approach to increasing physical activity levels of the least active members of society.

One of Move More’s programmes, the 60+ Active Leisure offer, has evolved into a continuous and blended programme of leisure, community sport and physical activity opportunities. The provision spans across six GLL Better Leisure facilities and various community halls, studios and parks within Cardiff. In addition, new partnerships with Hockey Wales and Met Active have enabled the programme to increase and diversify the offer with Walking Hockey and additional exercise-based classes.

Sport Cardiff are currently working in partnership with NERS and GLL to provide ‘transition’ activities for NERS clients at four leisure centres across Cardiff. The development of these new sessions is to maintain physical activity levels of post-NERS clients and promote ongoing sustainable activity. The Move More team will monitor and evaluate participant activity levels and health & wellbeing outcomes over an extended period of time (6-12 months) to better understand the barriers and facilitators to long term behaviour change of NERS participants.

The Move More programme contributes to the outcomes of Building a Healthier Wales through population health & wellbeing change in Cardiff. A number of the interventions designed and delivered contribute to better prevention and self-management behaviours through enabling people to become more physically active. Move More has 6 defined ‘strategies’ in order to achieve its objectives that are broken down into 3 functions (Training & Development; social prescribing & physical activity referral; evaluation, learning & impact) and 3 target population groups (older people; communities with highest need; existing and future NERS clients). Through its systems-based approach, they aim to collaborate with partners across the city to engage the most inactive populations to become more physically active.

The Behavioural Architects have also been commissioned to deliver behaviour change training for community deliverers, Health Care practitioners and social prescribers in May 2022 to enhance provision and improve the likelihood of sustainable behaviour change. Regional partnership working with Vale of Glamorgan’s Healthy Living Team on a regular basis is underway to share learning and to identify scope for potential regional delivery in the future.

Future plans are in place to capture footage of Move More projects to create promotional footage to advertise opportunities across their networking platforms. The purpose, to grow the Move More brand and raise awareness for potential participants, deliverers and partners to get involved.

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