RBI Wales – Move More with baseball

We intended to get more young people, in particular young girls, participating in sport, specifically baseball and softball in Barry and East Cardiff . We also intended to run weekly baseball sessions for hearing-impaired young people. In Barry, this has supported 24 players, which is a doubling of our previous participants. In East Cardiff, this has supported 15 players, with an increase of roughly 15%, and the Hearing Impaired group includes 7 players – these are completely new players. We are working on sustainability by introducing subscription clubs where possible.

Z said “this activity really helps with my anxiety!”

H said “I really like hitting the ball.”

L said “I’ve made new friends and I get to belong to a group – it makes me so happy.”

This programme has specifically helped children like…

B, who gets some focus for his ADHD.

M, who has improved her throwing and catching, and smiles with all her successes. S, who is taking pride in his improved catching.

C, who is flexing his leadership muscles in a big, positive way.

The hearing impaired club are really enjoying the sessions, as indicated by smiles and the helpfulness they show when we are setting up and packing away. They are hitting the ball well, and running around bases very well. Their catching and hitting improves every session.