Moving More at Work

As part of our Amplifying Prevention offer for Move More Eat Well, we offered Cardiff Council and Vale of Glamorgan Council access to evidence-based training, and resources from SMART Work & Life which was designed by the NHS at the Leicester Diabetes Centre.

Studies show that extended periods of sitting can increase the risk of physical and mental health issues in both the short and long term. With desk-based workers spending on average 9 hours a day sitting.

The working day gives significant opportunities to promote an active lifestyle. However, many job roles contribute to sedentary behaviour. Physically inactive workers lose up to four and a half working days per year compared to those who are active, through absence and presenteeism. Minor changes in the working day can make a significant difference. Such as:

  • Standing, stretching, and briefly moving away from your area of work for one or two minutes every half an hour.
  • Standing up and having a screen break for five minutes on the hour mark. This time could be spent speaking to a colleague instead of emailing, or going outside if working from home.

The SMART work and life scheme offers a wide range of tools to help organisations to create a dynamic workplace and encourage employees to sit less whilst working and throughout the rest of their day by making suitable, sustainable changes.

Fifteen champions from the two workplaces were provided with training to promote this activity within their teams and four sit/stand desks were provided as a practical resource.

Previously recorded results from implementing the scheme within a workplace include 65% of staff reporting an improved quality of life, 58% feeling less fatigued after work, 50% of staff experiencing less pain and 33% of staff feeling less stressed.

We aim to continue to meet with the trained champions to provide any further support needed and to share ideas and best practice within the group.