SRCDC – Walking leader training

We have used the funding to train 4 women from the community to become qualified walk leaders. 1 from the Indian Community, 1 from Bengali community, 1 Welsh Community and 1 Indian. All have completed walks up to 16 miles over 2 days and learnt orienteering, health and safety, equipment checks, awareness of the outdoor, weather and timings.

All four have had the necessary PPE bought for them to enable them to undertake these activities. We have also bought maps, compasses and back packs.

The intentions for the 4 walk leaders once they are qualified are to facilitate a weekly walk specifically for the women of Riverside, Grangetown and Canton to support the Believe/Credu Read & Write group members, Sewing and Digital Literacy be able to access the outdoors to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. This will also take place in partnership with the Health & Nutrition Team and the Get cooking workshops which will re-start from May at the Warehouse, Machen Place, Riverside.

The combination of moving more and eating well will hopefully help the local community be more aware of taking control of their health and empower them to teach others.