We will systematically improve the food and physical activity offer in educational settings by: 

  1. Improving whole school approach to healthy food throughout the school day 
  2. Ensuring all pre-school settings are implementing the Welsh Government ‘Food and Nutrition in Childcare Settings’ Guidance
  3. Ensuring school lunch breaks are a minimum of 45 minutes
  4. Increasing physical activity in all education settings during curriculum time through outdoor learning, play, sport or initiatives such as Daily Mile or suitable alternative
  5. Ensuring schools have Active Travel to School plans
  6. Increasing food and physical activity opportunities out of hours across educational settings.

What can you do to improve whole school approach to healthy food throughout the school day?

Having a policy shares your vision and helps to plan and develop your activity to improve healthy eating and physical activity

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Taking a whole school approach to promoting health and wellbeing is a great way of ensuring that healthy eating and physical activity are core to the curriculum and the school day.

A S.N.A.G. is a group of people who come together with the aim of improving the uptake of healthy food choices amongst young people, and focuses on issues relating to nutrition in schools.

The S.N.A.G. creates sense of responsibility and ownership amongst the school population regarding food in school. It encourages positive attitudes, promotes sound nutrition knowledge and promotes cooking skills. If you’re interested in establishing a SNAG, click on the toolkit below:

Sign up to a Nutrition Course

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Nutrition Skills for Life

Want to know more about nutrition and healthy eating in a fun, relaxed way and gain accreditation for learning ?

NUTRITION SKILLS FOR LIFE™ is a programme of quality assured nutrition skills training and initiatives developed and co-ordinated by dietitians working in the NHS in Wales. There are two key aspects to the programme :

  1. to support and train community workers to promote healthy eating and incorporate food and nutrition skills into their work and
  2. to develop healthy eating initiatives with community groups such as delivery of Get Cooking, an accredited practical cooking course to improve knowledge and skills about healthy eating.

Learning and teaching resources have been developed for all NUTRITION SKILLS FOR LIFE™ training programmes to provide a standardised, consistent approach to delivery and assessment.

For more information, please contact the public health dietitians on 02920 907699 or email nutrition.skillsforlife.cav@wales.nhs.uk

You’ll receive a student health and wellbeing report every two years


Find out more about local cooking projects (Little Cooks/Cooking Together)

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There are a lot of resources available to you to use when developing and delivering activities to promote healthy eating. Follow the link to see more:




Tips on promoting Healthy Lunchboxes & Snacks (Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award)

The Cardiff and Vale Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award celebrates childcare settings that value good nutrition and offer quality snack provision. The food and drink offered in childcare settings plays an important role in the health of children and can help develop good eating habits to set them up for life.

The award is available for all childcare providers across Cardiff and the Vale, including childminders, day nurseries, parent and toddler groups, Cylchoedd Meithrin, Flying Start groups, playgroups and out of school clubs. To achieve the award there are set criteria around the provision of healthy snacks and drinks, a positive eating environment and food hygiene and safety. Having the award also shows that the setting is following The Welsh Government Best Practice Guidance on Food and Nutrition for Childcare Settings.

To check if a childcare setting has the award look for the Snack Award logo.

For more information, please contact the public health dietitians on 02920 907699 or email nutrition.skillsforlife.cav@wales.nhs.uk. Also link here on healthy lunchboxes https://gov.wales/sites/default/files/publications/2019-02/healthy-lunchboxes-leaflet.pdf

Veg Power, though a variety of innovative and exciting campaigns, aims to encourage us to eat more veg ! Veg Power is working with organisations across the UK to increase the portions of veg and you can access lots of resources to help you https://vegpower.org.uk

Promote staff wellbeing

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What can you do to ensure all pre-school settings are implementing the Welsh Government ‘Food and Nutrition in Childcare Settings’ Guidance?

What can you do to ensure school lunch breaks are a minimum of 45 minutes?

As a result of COVID-19, we understand that the timings of the school day may have changed, and may continue to be altered if the COVID-19 situation changes locally or nationally.

Lunchtimes and break-times are an important time for a brief pause in the school day, for play, recreation and socialisation with friends and peers, for physical activity and eating food in a leisurely and relaxed social environment.


Find out the break times and lunchtimes in the school in your community/you work with/for

What can you do to increase physical activity in all educational settings during curriculum time through outdoor learning, play, sport, or initiatives such as Daily Mile or suitable alternative?

The Welsh Government published ‘Guidance on learning in schools and settings from the autumn term’ which gives schools a common set of priorities for learning, in response to COVID-19. Health and wellbeing is the first of six priorities for learning outlined.

It states that learning should support learners’ mental, emotional, physical and social well-being as well as recognising the importance of outdoor learning and play.


Sport Wales – Play to learn: Play to Learn is made up of three stories which include 36 skill cards for explaining how different physical activities are performed. There are also 16 Play Games Cards that give children the chance to put their skills into action in a fun and exciting way www.playtolearn.org.uk

Play Wales: Independent Charity funded by Welsh Government. Work to increase awareness of children’s need and right to play and promote good practice. Advice and guidance for all those who have an interest in encouraging and facilitating children’s play. Website includes plenty of resources and guidance sheets. http://www.playwales.org.uk/eng/

The Daily Mile – A very simple concept which any school can implement – jogging, walking or running a mile a day, whatever the weather! Make sure you register your school if you so take part so you will appear on the map. Includes covid adaptations. http://thedailymile.cymru/

Busy Feet – Resources for learning through play to promote nutrition and oral health and physical activity and active play. Includes covid adaptations.

Tel: 01938 552 199

What can you do to ensure schools have Active Travel to School plans?

Encouraging walking, cycling and scooting to school can improve the health and wellbeing of children and their parents, as well as helping to minimise traffic congestion, improve safety and reduce air pollution. It can also help to create a pleasant and attractive environment.

Cardiff Council has Active Travel to Schools officers in place to support every school to develop an Active Travel Plan. Contact the Council Active Travel Schools Team: travelplans@cardiff.gov.uk cynlluniauteithio@caerdydd.gov.uk

Visit the website for more information: https://keepingcardiffmoving.co.uk/activetravelschools/

If you would like to contact the Council on matters relating to Active Travel in the Vale of Glamorgan, please email: activetravel@valeofglamorgan.gov.uk

What can you do to increase food and physical activity opportunities out of hours across educational settings?

Move More Eat Well Pledge

Make a pledge and tell us what you are planning to do to Move More and Eat Well in 2020.