Reducing exposure to unhealthy food and drink advertising has shown to reduce levels of obesity especially within children. Creating an environment where healthy living is the norm and where healthier foods are promoted is vital to help people make healthier dietary choices that will positively impact their long-term health and well-being.

Our plan includes:

  1. Restrict junk food advertising across Cardiff and the Vale
  2. Promote healthy foods in marketing campaigns
  3. Promote the use of technology so people move more

What/how can you develop and implement a public sector policy to restrict junk food advertising?

Increase your understanding by visiting the Sustain Website, and download their toolkit.

We will be developing our own approach. Join with us to make a difference – in the meantime have a look at what Transport for London have done along with other areas of London.

Check back in shortly, to hear about current information and activities.

Want to know more about nutrition and healthy eating in a fun, relaxed way and gain accreditation for learning? NUTRITION SKILLS FOR LIFE™ is open to anyone working in the community and delivered by NHS Wales dietitians. There are two key aspects to the programme:

  1. to support and train community workers to promote healthy eating and incorporate food and nutrition skills into their work and
  2. to develop healthy eating initiatives with community groups such as delivery of Get Cooking, an accredited practical cooking course to improve knowledge and skills about healthy eating.

For more information about Nutrition Skills for Life courses, click here.

For example: Foodwise for Life is an eight week structured programme which utilises evidence based approaches to weight management. The course focuses on eating habits, increased physical activity and using basic behaviour change strategies to facilitate weight loss.

You might want to look at the Eatwell guide – download today and access some resources to help you promote eating well in your organisation.

To find out more about how food and drink is produced in Wales visit the Food Sense
Wales website.

For more information, please contact the public health dietitians.

Phone: 02920 907699

What can you do to promote and market healthy foods?

Veg Power, though a variety of innovative and exciting campaigns, to help us to eat more veg! Veg Power is working with organisations across the UK to increase the portions of veg and you can access lots of resources to help you.

Peas Please aims to bring together farmers, retailers, and restaurant chains, caterers, processors and government departments with a common goal of making it easier for everyone to eat veg.

Visit the Peas Please website for ideas and inspiration as to how you can increase your veg consumption as individuals and in your organisations!

Join the Food Cardiff or Food Vale movement

Food has a huge impact on our lives on our own health and wellbeing, and on our communities and businesses and the environment. Both Food partnerships promote good, healthy and affordable food, that is sustainably sourced.

We work hard with our partners to deliver support and advice for individuals, businesses and larger organisations to ensure that there is a good meal for everyone everyday.

At no time has this approach been more important than during Covid and we are working hard to ensure that food continues to support and bring communities together.

Visit our websites for more advice, information, support and hints and tips for eating well.
Visit: Food Cardiff or Food Vale

Cardiff Cooking Together is a Facebook group that celebrates food and cultures from across communities in Cardiff. Inspire others, learn new recipes and pick up food tips by joining the page: search Cardiff Cooking Together on Facebook. Join today to get inspired!

Visit Food Cardiff and Food Vale websites for more advice, information, support and hints and tips for eating well.

How can you promote technology to encourage people to move more?

There are more ways we can harness technology to help us keep well. Below are some ideas on how technology can help us to move more.

Keeping Me Well website from Cardiff and Vale UHB which includes Strength and Stamina fitness videos

See here for NHS approved apps

Using a device such as phone or pedometer

Set a target for 10,000 steps a day minimum, you’ll need to walk ‘briskly’ to get the health benefits.

Set competition with friends or colleagues