Healthy food procurement policies have the potential to increase the overall demand for more healthy products, drive the reformulation of foods by food manufacturers, and increase the availability of healthier foods to the general public.

Our plan includes:

  1. Embed principles of healthy food procurement across public sector bodies
  2. Link with the Corporate Health Standard Award to support employers to incorporate healthy food procurement

How will you embed the principle of healthy food procurement in your organisation?

Visit the WRAP Cymru website for more information about how public sector organisations are incorporating healthy procurement principles

We are developing a Healthy Food Procurement Toolkit for public sector organisations to support them in procuring healthy food options – for their staff restaurants and when purchasing external catering services.

Good examples including case studies and additional information and opportunities to network with other Corporate Health Standard organisations can be found on the Healthy Working Wales website

Visit the Healthy Working Wales Corporate Health Standards section on nutrition and healthy eating ideas for practical examples which include producing a short policy sheet outlining your approach to healthy eating.

When ordering food for buffets for example, include healthy options and provide information on the food provided.

If you have a staff catering facility, think about implementing healthy eating criteria – the work in Cardiff and Vale University Health Board on the restaurant and retail standards, where a minimum of 75% of the food for sale is healthier, in keeping with the Eat Well guide.

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is about helping people to improve their health and wellbeing by giving them the tools to make healthy lifestyle choices like giving up smoking, eating more healthily and doing more exercise. The principle of MECC is simple. It’s not about adding to your workload. Rather, it recognises the fact that staff in the health, public and voluntary sectors have hundreds of contacts with the public every day and we have the ability to use those contacts to help change people’s behaviours for the better. MECC conversations could be about several different healthy lifestyle topics including healthy eating and physical activity, as well as alcohol, immunisation, smoking and mental wellbeing.

To find out more about MECC visit the website

Or contact the local MECC link person for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board: Elin Evans
Phone: 02921 836 505

There is a free, level 1 MECC e-learning course available that includes case studies and videos. It offers practical advice on how to carry out opportunistic chats, signpost to other services and encourage people to make positive steps towards making a lifestyle change. You can access the e-learning here

Visit our webpage for further information and ideas

NUTRITION SKILLS FOR LIFE TM is an all Wales programme of quality assured nutrition skills training and initiatives
developed and co-ordinated by dietitians working in the NHS. The programme aims to support a wide range of
community workers to promote healthy eating and incorporate food and nutrition skills into their work. The programme
aims to train those who work closely with, and understand the needs of local people, to support communities across
Wales to learn more about healthy eating.

Once you have completed the appropriate training, including the Level 2 Community Food and Nutrition Skills Course,
the Public Health Dietetic team can support you to deliver Nutrition Skills for Life courses to the communities you work
with. This can include the delivery of Community Food and Nutrition Skills (Level 1), Get Cooking – Cooking for Health,
and Foodwise for Life which is a weight management programme for those that are above a healthy weight.

Contact the Cardiff and Vale Public Health Dietetic Team.
Phone: 02920 907 699

For more information click here

How will you engage / participate in the Corporate Health Standard Award and incorporate healthy food procurement in your organisation?

By joining the network of award holders, you will also learn how to maximise opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of staff and get lots of ideas for how to promote key healthy beating messages.

The Corporate Health Standard recognises and rewards workplaces that actively improve the health and wellbeing of their employees – the CHS leads you through a framework which outlines the key principles of what a health promoting workplace should look like.

Food is a key issue and the workplace is well placed to deliver and provide healthy eating messages as well as influence the food choices we make – through the food choices we make in work, but also on providing advice and information on healthy eating for our families too.

Download free healthy eating resources or the Eatwell Guide.

One you reach the Platinum level of the Award, procurement is one element that you can use to apply, by focusing on what healthy and sustainable procurement might include – for example. If you purchase food for your staff restaurant, how can you engage with your suppliers to increase the number of healthy products available?

Or how about introducing a healthy eating policy or developing some simple guidelines that you can use with your suppliers?

Other things you can do to increase healthy eating opportunities in the workplace:

  • Introduce healthy vending
  • Use notice boards and internal communication channels to share information about healthy eating
  • Think about supporting your staff to attend healthy eating courses – they can then run in-house session to raise awareness and share hints and tips for healthy eating
  • Link with other workplaces to see how they have delivered healthy eating messages to their employees

UK households waste 6.5 million tonnes of food every year, 4.5 million of which is edible. Saving food means saving money, and reducing food waste has positive impacts on climate change as it helps to slow down global warming.

Visit the Love Food Hate Waste website for hints and tips on how to reduce your food waste at home and in the office.